This year’s Beat Lung Cancer Balloon-A-Thon was a smashing success. We raised thousands of dollars to help expand our ongoing projects, including the Pillow Initiative. Thank you for the wonderful support!

Prizes for our hard working members

We would like to honor the following donors:
Adams, Nancy
Anderson, Emile and Mary Ann
Anderson, William and Judy
Batease, Kathy
Belknap, Alice and Thomas
Bell, Ellen L.
Bentley, Karen J.
Berlind, Linda and Brian
Bliss, Wendy
Block, Richard and Rebecca
Bloome, Jonathan
Bober, Marc
Bond, Christine M.
Brochu, Louise E.
Brown, Louise and Reginald
Buehler, Bettina
Buehler, Nancy
Bulka, Donna M.
Burland, Alan and Linda Jo
Burns, John and Vicki
Burrows, Lynda
Cacchiotti, Stephen
Cappella, Ronald
Cassidy, Robert
Cleaves, Timothy
Coan Transportation Inc
Coan, Kevin B.
Cuddy, Kathy
Daum, Dr. Fredrick
Dollase, Richard and Roberta
Durfee Jr., Lawrence
Dwyer, Mary Anne
Elkind, Lise and Thomas
Emby, Eleanor L.
Erickson, Jeffrey
Ferree, Mark and Sandra
Frost, Raymond and June
Gardner, Margaret-Ann
George, Bob
Goff, Cobb
Goldstein, Adele
Gonzalez, Peter
Gonzalez, William and Lynn
Goode, Maria
Gordon, Donald and Robyn
Grossman, Hildy
Gulla, David
Halpert, Harris and Elizabeth
Harkins, Rosemarie
Holmes, Shirley S.
Howell, Chris and Barbara
Kempe, Reid and Lucia
King, Carol and Joseph
Kirkland, Malcolm and Martha
Knight, Kathleen
Krasnakevich, John and Carmela
Kurlansky, Debbie
Levine, Bernice
Lowis, Morgan
Lynch, Jennifer and Dale
Madigan, John and Jean
Michaels, John T.
Microweld Co., Inc.
Ng, Henry
Niewiadomski, Roberta
O’Connor, Sharon
Paglicco, Audrey
Pennella, Francis and Christine
Petrillo, Rocco
Polichetti, Henry
Pomerantz, Eric and Sally
Postans, Maryann
Postich, Joseph
Powers, Patrick and
Noddin, Kristen
Robbins, Wade
Robinson, Olga G.
Rubin, Barry
Rubin, Ina
Rubin, Jan
Rubin, Shelley B.
Schlitt, Jacob
Sczerbinski, Jane and Joseph
Sestito, Patricia J.
Shipulski, Cherie
Shore, Rula P.
Sortor, Rosemary and Dr. David
Stanvick, Stephen
Stone, Barbara
Sullivan, Susan M.
Tacito, Lawrence P.
The Van Seasholes Family
Valinote, Joan and John
Wadson, John and Nancy
Walsh, Ann
Watlington, Hubert and Elizabeth
Whittemore, Anthony and Rhoda
Winer, Dr. and Mrs. Howard
Wingren, A.

Thank you to the following stores for their support:
Allen Harbor Marine Service
Baker Books
Brewster Book Store
Eight Cousins
Island Books
Market Street Bookshop
MRF Enterprises
Mystic Books
Naval War College Foundation (Museum Store)
Newport Shipyard Ship’s Store
Once Upon A Dream
Other Tiger Associates
Partners Village Store
Snow’s Home and Garden
Wakefield Books

Goff, Betty and Luther
Gorman, James
Ina Rubin and all the members of the Forum!


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