Educational Videos

Watch these YouTube videos from Dana Farber, Massachusetts General Hospital, The Lung Cancer Foundation of America, and The American Cancer Society to learn more about cancer. 

Increasing Lung Cancer Screening Uptake in Eligible Adults: Do We Know What Works?

This ACS Comprehensive Cancer Control hosted webinar explores what interventions have shown success in increasing lung cancer screening rates and helps coalitions explore how they might enhance appropriate and effective community implementation strategies for lung cancer screening programs in their area.

Don’t Delay Lung Cancer Screenings

At the Mass General Cancer Center we know that lung screenings with low dose CT scans can detect cancer in its very early stages when there is nothing more we can do. In this video, Dr. Jo-Anne Shepard discusses the importance of lung screenings.

Lung Cancer Screening with a Low-Dose CT Scan

Do you fit the profile for lung cancer screening? Learn more about eligibility and what it is like to have a lung cancer screening with a low-dose computed tomography (CT) test. 


Signs and Symptoms of Lung Cancer

Dana-Farber’s Mark Awad, MD, PhD, talks about the signs and symptoms of lung cancer, as well as guidelines for lung cancer screening

An Introduction to Common Treatments for Lung Cancer

Have you or a loved one been newly diagnosed with lung cancer? In this video, we’ll help you learn about the most common treatments for lung cancer, which may include surgery, radiation therapy, radio frequency  ablation (RFA), chemotherapy, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy. 

Facing Lung Cancer: Surgery – What to Expect?

Lung cancer treatment can be stressful. If surgery is an option for you, knowing what to expect from surgery can help ease that stress. This animated video explains different types of surgery for lung cancer and provides tips and guidance for patients preparing to have a procedure. 

Who is Eligible for Targeted and Immune Therapies?

Justin Gainor, MD explains who is eligible for targeted and immune therapies. 

Chemotherapy: What to Expect

Lung cancer treatment can be stressful. Knowing what to expect from chemotherapy can help ease that stress. 

Radiation: What to Expect 

Lung cancer treatment can be stressful. Knowing what to expect from radiation can help ease that stress. 

Tips for Treatment-Related Fatigue

Fatigue is a common side effect of cancer treatment. Check out these tips to help you cope courtesy of Dana Farber Cancer Institute. 

How to Manage Pain When You Have Cancer

Returning to a “new normal” after cancer treatment can come with different challenges. Pain, caused by cancer or by the intense treatment it requires, often becomes persistent, known as chronic pain. While cancer-related pain may not always be relieved completely, it can be controlled. Check out these pain management tips courtesy of Dana Farber Cancer Institute. 

Tips on How to Get Out of Bed After Surgery

Demonstration of a simple technique shows how to get in and out of bed without pain and independently after any kind of chest or abdominal surgery.

Tips for Working Through the Emotions of Cancer

Going through cancer treatment can be an emotional roller coaster. Psychiatric Oncologist Dr. Wendy Baer gives some tips to keep you moving forward.

Clinical Trials and Lung Cancer Biomarkers

Justin Gainor, MD explains when a clinical trial might be right for patients with lung cancer mutations in this clip from the American Lung Association’s expert panel discussion on tumor testing. 

Which Lung Cancer Mutations Have Approved Targeted Therapies?

Justin Gainor, MD shares which lung cancer mutations have approved targeted therapies. 

Energy to Harness Progress in Lung Cancer Therapies with Alice Shaw, MD, PhD

Dr. Alice Shaw reflects on the rapidity of advances in lung cancer therapies over the last decade. Dr. Shaw talks about how fortunate she’s been to witness an incredible transformation in the care of lung cancer patients, and how she expects to see even more discoveries in the future. She also shares more on her own transformative research and how rewarding it is to be in a position  to help patients: to bring research, new discoveries, and new therapies to patients. 

Exercise Videos for Cancer Patients

The Lifestyle Medicine Clinic at the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center developed a series of exercise videos for cancer patients. Enjoy each exercise video by itself or as part of a fitness program. These videos are designed for every level and ability, with modifications shown along the way. 

Fighting Cancer With Your Fork – Mindful Eating

Amy Comander, MD, Carol Sullivan, RD, and Samantha Bateman, RD, of Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center review evidence-based nutrition recommendations for cancer survivors, and discuss how food can be used to strengthen your body during treatment and beyond. They share a brief cooking demonstration that illustrates how to incorporate more fruits and veggies into your day!

Dr. Gainor on the Evolving Lung Cancer Armamentarium 

Justin F. Gainor, MD, Director of Targeted Immunotherapy, Massachusetts General Hospital discusses the evolving lung cancer armamentarium. 


Covid-19: Information for Cancer Patients

Answers to some questions cancer patients may have about COVID-19.