Meeting Schedule

The Women’s Lung Cancer Forum previously meets on the second Monday of every month at 6:30-8:00 pm.  Due to the circumstances of COVID-19, our Forum is being held VIRTUALLY. To protect the privacy of our participants, we will not be posting the Zoom links on our website. We ask that you please register if you would like to join the Forum. Send us an email if you have any questions. 

Upcoming Meetings: 

March 13, 2023 : Dr. Amy Comander, “Lifestyle Medicine”

May 8, 2023 : Dr. Angela Frank, “Risk Factors and Concomitant Conditions of Lung Cancer”

Check out our list of our previous speakers and topics:

January 9, 2023: Dr. Zosia Piotrowska, “Targeted Therapies for Lung Cancer”

December 12, 2022: Dr. Rex Hung, “Microscopic Presentations of Lung Cancer”

November 14, 2022: Carol Sullivan, “Cancer Nutrition”

September 12, 2022: Dr. Beverly Moy, “Financial Burden of New Treatments”

July 11, 2022: Dr. Jeff Yang, “Lung Cancer Screening”

June 13, 2022: Dr. Heather Hue, “The Patient Experience”

May 9, 2022: Dr. Jeff Yang, “AI in Medical Education”

April 11, 2022: Dr. Erik Folch, “Cancer Prehabilitation”

March 14, 2022: Dr. Florence Keane, “Non-Operative Treatments for Lung Cancer”

February 14, 2022: Dr. Hugh Auchincloss, “Lung Cancer Basics”

January 10, 2022: Eric Bressler, “CAR-T Cells”

December 13, 2021: Dr. Naomi Sell, “Cancer Prehabilitation”

November 8, 2021: Dr. Henning Gaissert, “Global Implications of Lung Cancer”

October 11, 2021: Dr. Sharon Bober, “Body Image/Sexuality During & After Cancer”

September 13, 2021: Dr. Yolonda Colson, “Lung Cancer Basics”

July 12, 2021: Dr. Inga Lennes, “Lung Cancer”

June 14, 2021: Dr. Winta Mehtsun, “Disparities in Lung Cancer”

May 10, 2021: Dr. Justin Gainor, “ALK + Lung Cancer”

April 12, 2021: Dr. Daniel Okin, “Checkpoint Inhibitor Pneumonitis”

March 8, 2021: Annette Goldberg, MBS, MS, RD, LDN, “Nutrition During & After Cancer Care”

February 8, 2021: Dr. Lana Schumacher, “New Advances in Thoracic Robotic Surgery”

January 11, 2021: Dr. Florian Fintelmann, “Imaging Lung Cancer- the Radiologist Perspective”

December 14, 2020: Dr. Lisa Wong, “The Humanities and Medicine”

November 9, 2020: Dr. Chi-Fu Jeffrey Yang and Alexandra Potter, “Lung Cancer Screening”

November 2, 2020: Zoom Practice *an additional meeting to enhance Zoom skills*

October 12, 2020: Dr. Maggie Connolly, “Separating Fact and Fiction: How to Find and Interpret Scientific Studies”

September 14, 2020: Dr. Lillian Tsai, “Exploring Novel Therapeutics for Targeting Local Recurrence in Lung Cancer”

July 13, 2020: Dr. Lecia Sequist, “EGFR Adjuvant Osimertinib Trial Results”

June 8, 2020 Dr. David Systrom, Brigham and Women’s Department Pulmonology, “Exercise and its Effects on the Lungs”

May 11, 2020: Dr. Philicia Moonsamy, “COVID-19”

April 6, 2020: Will Phillips, “Updates in Research”

March 9, 2020: Pam Calarese, RN, MS, CS, “Long-term Treatment Side Effects”

February 10th, 2020: Christina Constantino, “NELSON Trial”

January 13th, 2020: Dr. Josh Lakin & Dr. Rachelle Bernacki, “Harvard Center for Palliative Care, Serious Illness Care Program”

December 9th, 2019: Dr. Dawn Demeo, “COPD Research”

November 11th, 2019: Dr. Ray Mak, “Radiation Therapy for Lung Cancer.”

October 14th, 2019: Dr. David Systrom, “Exercise and its Effects on the Lungs.”

September 9th, 2019: Dr. Assunta De Rienzo, “The Genetics of Lung Cancer.”

August – Summer Break

July 8th, 2019: Dr. Inga Lennes, “The MGH Lung Nodule Clinic.”

June 10th, 2019: Dr. Quynh Chu, “CAR-T Cell Therapy for Cancer Treatment”

May 13th, 2019: Dr. Yifan Zheng, “Targeting the Mesothelium”

Additional Past Meetings & Educational Materials

Click on the presentation title to view materials and learn more.

April 8th, 2019: Dr. Carlos Bravos, “Lung Cancer Recurrence Models.”

March 11th, 2019: Dr. Lara Traeger & Elyse Park, “SMART-3RP Program – the Relaxation Response Resiliency Program for Cancer Survivorship”

February 11th, 2019: Dr. William Phillips, “The Lung Cancer Strategist Program: A Novel Care Delivery Model to Improve Timeliness of Diagnosis and Treatment.”

January 7th, 2019: Dr. Weidong Lu, “How can acupuncture help patients with lung cancer? Let’s talk about evidence and practice

December 10th, 2018: Nomi Levy-Carrick, MD, MPhil – “Just Let Me Catch my Breath! Utilizing trauma-informed strategies to optimize medical outcomes”

November 12th, 2018: David (Sasha) Mahvi, MD, “Lung Cancer Recurrence”

October 8th, 2018: Claire de Forcrand, MPH –  Introducing the new Women’s Lung Cancer Forum Coordinator and Discussion on International Humanitarian Aid

September 10th, 2018Amber Pelletier & Rachel Norberg- The American Lung Association’s FORCE for Lung Health- Empowering patients, caregivers and healthcare providers

July 9th, 2018: Quynh Chu, MD., Lung Cancer in Women: What Everyone Needs to Know

June 11th, 2018: Kim Hall, Lung Cancer & Legislation

May 14th, 2018: Donald Levy, MD., Integrative Medicine & Managing Lung Cancer: The Care of the Self in Body and Mind

April 9th, 2018: Kara Brown, MD-  Healthy Mind and Body: Managing Mood and Anxiety with a Lung Cancer Diagnosis 

March 12th, 2018: Cheryl Arena, P.A.-C.- The Role of the PA and other Medical Specialist in your Cancer Care

February 12th, 2018: Maxine Van Doren, MS, CCC-SLP  – Role of Speech Pathology in Voice and Upper Airway Disorders

January 8th, 2018: Manuela Cernadas, MD- Pulmonary Infections

December 11th, 2017: Kathleen Weiss, MD – Lung Cancer Basics: Staging, Diagnosis, Pathology

November 13th, 2017: Kelley Bradshaw, MS, RD, LDN – Lung Health & Nutrition

October 9th, 2017 (We will be holding the Forum despite the Columbus Day holiday) Casey Harvell, Director of Public Policy, American Lung Association of the Northeast – How to Take Action against Lung Cancer 

September 11th, 2017: Karen Pischke, BSN, RN – Reiki  for Helping to Manage Lung Cancer

July 10th, 2017: Maria Barbara “Bambi” Mathay, LMT and Theresa Ochenkoski, LMT Reduce Stress with Self Care Massage Techniques

Oncology Massage and Other Touch Therapies Lung Forum 2017 

May 8th, 2017: Fremonta Meyer, MD Chemobrain and Fatigue

April 2017 – David Kwiatkowski, MD, PhD – Lung Cancer Genetics: Common Mutations and How to Treat them

January 2017 – Gerald Weinhouse, MD – Sleep Strategies for Effective Recovery