Zoom Tips

Overview of Skills

In transitioning to virtual Forum meetings, we realize that this new platform can be difficult to navigate. For your convenience, we have made a Zoom “how-to” video for all of our members. This video will serve as a guide for participants to learn various Zoom functions.



In opening up the group to more members now that we are virtual, we recognize that some of you may have concerns about anonymity. Here is a list of ways you can further protect your identity if you so choose:

For further instruction, please visit these Zoom Support links on the Zoom website. (They are hyperlinked below.)

  • Change your display name: it can say whatever you want it to! You can make your screen name just your first name, your initials, or any nickname/pseudonym you like. We do hope you will choose something that we can use to address you, but it does not have to be your full name.
  • Change your background: we suggest sitting in front of a blank wall if you are concerned about others seeing your home. On most computers, there is also a feature to pick a “virtual background.” A virtual background will cover your entire video display except for your face.
  • Shut off your video display: you can choose to turn off your video function and only your name will be shown. Your name will appear in a black box and no one will be able to see you. It is useful to the speaker if most people do not chose to shut their video off, because we rely on your facial expressions to know if topics make sense.
  • Use the chat function: if you prefer not to speak during the session, you can type a question or comment. This can be sent to the entire group, or to one specific person (i.e., the speaker or moderator). This way, you can still ask the speaker a question without anyone else in the group knowing who specifically asked that question. Although you will only be using your initials or first name, you are still able to send a message completely anonymously in the chat.

If you need further assistance, please contact us at wlcpforum@partners.org or the Zoom Help Center.